The smart move

Use Calculus to manage your legal costs…

The rules and case law governing the recoverability of your legal costs are in a state of constant change, which often results in the uninformed or the unwary failing to manage their costs to best effect.

At Calculus, as our name suggests, we have developed an approach that successfully deals with these frequent changes and ensures that your entitlement to costs is not undermined – an approach that takes the full lifecycle of a case into account.

We provide every solicitor on our books with a dynamic dashboard interface so they can monitor the progress of every cost negotiation along the way. This enhanced understanding of ones practice at any given time allows the business owner to make more informed decisions, thus reducing the margin for error. Take a look at our sample reports page for more information.


We collectively have many years experience in handling civil and clinical negligence cases. We use all that experience, our technical acumen and considerable skills to ensure our clients’ legitimate entitlement to their costs is preserved, whilst maintaining the highest professional standards at all times.

We are forever in pursuit of fresh talent as our business grows and new clients come on board – if you think you have what it takes to be part of a hard working, dynamic and rewarding team, please take a look at our recruitment page for the latest opportunities.